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Increasing Field Productivity with Bluebird Touch
Mobile Computer EF400

High level of durability minimizing downtime and operation cost


Coppel is one of the largest department stores in Latin America, which makes sales through credits they grant

customers with few requirements. It was founded as a small local shop where they sold groceries and souvenirs

imported from Europe in 1941. It was then transformed into a conglomerate with 402 outlets, including the 153

Canadian shoe stores in 2002. Today, Coppel is one of the 100 largest companies in the country, with more than

1,300 branches in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. The range of items Coppel offers includes clothes, footwear,

cell phones, electronics and furniture.


Coppel’s customer who fulfills the eligibility criteria is granted credit, on which any items can be purchased in the store. Before the issuance of store credit card, Coppel’s staffs visit applicants' houses to check their residence status, appraise financial circumstances and repayment ability.


Previously, Coppel used the consumer-grade mobile device manufactured by its OEM brand, Zuum to collect information during each visit. However, the device was rather fragile and caused a high number of complications and breakdowns.


The unscheduled downtime for the replacement and repair of devices wasted valuable time and led to Coppel looking for a new solution to ensure that their workforce productivity levels were improved.


▶ 4” display, a weight of only 200 grams (7oz)

▶ Excellent network connectivity and long battery operating time

▶ 1.8 meter (6ft.) drop specification and an IP67 rating


The selected EF500 and BM180 devices were great fit because they met all of Nielsen’s functional

needs, as well as enterprise-level security, ability to customize along with consumer-grade usability.


To date, EF500 and BM180 have been rolled out in 14 countries worldwide for retail audit purpose

and Nielsen is planning to expand its deployment in other countries.


Thanks to its ergonomic design and easy grip, The EF400 enables Coppel staffs to comfortably carry out their daily operation single-handed. As the EF400 is sealed with 1.8 meter (6ft.) drop specification and an IP67 rating, the breakdown rates of devices in Coppel’s stores significantly dropped from 5% to 0.0625 %, compare to Zuum devices. Even if a device needs to be replaced, it only takes 1 day for the new device to be shipped by air freight from the Bluebird’s service center in Mexico where 3% of upfront swap quantity is held. The EF400 have provided excellent portability for field staffs reducing the number of breakdown, overall downtime in the field. Staffs can now rely on the device without worries on wasting working

hours due to the frequent repairs.


The initial investment seemed to be relatively higher than those of previous consumer-grade devices, however, considering the reduced costs for repair and theft, EF400 was a definitely more reasonable investment over the long term to help Coppel significantly lower total cost of ownership.

The deployment of EF400 contributed to improving the overall field force productivity and ensuring as many as store credit cards are issued to make their business grow.


▶ Maximized workforce productivity – High durability and quick process for replacing faulty devices minimize downtime and enhance staff productivity


▶ Competitive TCO – The cost of repairing broken devices and replacing stolen devices were significantly reduced providing the competitive total cost of system operation.


▶ Increased business revenue - Accurate and efficient field surveys have enabled Coppel to respond quickly to customers’ needs over credit, increasing the frequency of card issuance and ultimately boosting sales in the store.


The EF400, equipped with barcode scanner, is to offer further functionality, such as route optimization, confirmation of receivable settlement and enabling Coppel’s staffs to read 1D and 2D barcodes for customer identification to reduce errors, without having to input each ID number manually engendering even a greater efficiency.

"Staffs are very satisfied with the portability, high durability and stable connectivity of the EF400, perfectly suitable for field work."

- Gema, IT project manager, Coppel