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We are making great efforts to reduce any negative impact our products may have on our world

We consider the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle starting with how a product is designed.
Eco-friendly design and manufacture features are an important source of pride and Bluebird identity for Client living in this planet.

Also prominent eco-friendly policy inspires decent clients' learning aboutEnvironmental issues and their wider understanding of sustainability.
We Bluebird are fully aware of our customers concern for the preservation of an eco-friendly earth for The next generation.
So we are marking great efforts to reduce any negative impact our products may have on our world.

BEMS (Bluebird Environment Management System)

BEMS is a system that manages data of composite and hazardous substances used in all Bluebird products according to
Bluebird eco-friendly management policy, clarifying environmental information of Bluebird products to comply with
eco-friendly regulation and to eliminate the related risks.

BEMS performs not only data collection of materials and parts from suppliers
but also environmental assessment to have suppliers comply with eco-friendly policy.

Through this process Bluebird is able to establish constant eco-friendly supply chain
and to consolidate competitive environmental management, leading supplier to introducing eco-friendly system.



  • Self-assessment for eco-friendly management
  • Information of materials and substances
  • Analysis data of hazardous substances
  • Product conformity certificate and plan of improvement


  • Assessment of suppliers
  • Hazard assessment and management
  • Eco-friendly process

Supplier environment information

  • Hazardous substance management evaluation
  • Process and environmental management evaluation information
  • Product conformity certificate and plan of improvement

Raw material hazard information

  • Composite information of raw materials
  • Analysis data of hazardous substances
  • Result of hazard analysis

Systematic regulated
management system

Environmentally regulated substances are
regularly checked and updated
in the computer system to continuously
manage quality so that harmful substances
are not included in the product.

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Establishment /
of eco-friendly supply
network management

Supplier evaluation is conducted in order
to use the materials of eco-friendly
accredited companies.

process management

Only eco friendly products are used
in the process, even for the subsidiary
materials to prevent pollution through
residual substances.