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From Field Force to Sales Force

Bluebird gives you access to real-time information about deliveries and enables you to efficiently communicate with drivers to address new customer requests or changes. Mobile technology equips your drivers to more effectively interact with customers and respond to their requests, process orders, and accept payments in the field, with a positive impact on order accuracy, delivery time, and sales.

Improve Quality and Control

Cut down labor costs, minimize inventory overstocks, and increase order accuracy and speed.

Bluebird’s mobile solutions enable warehouses and distribution centers to run more efficiently. Real-time access to warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS) keeps track of orders and inventory, reducing the risk for costly delays and errors.

It also allows tracking of costs per carrier and customer as well as the operator’s performance. Barcode scanning increases accuracy and speeds up the delivery, with positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Automate and Streamline Distribution

Streamline your operation by replacing paper-based systems with mobile systems that provide wireless access to information.

Bluebird enables replacement of shipment forms and other paperwork with mobile computers with real-time access to the other business systems. It empowers workers to work smarter and faster, and orders and shipments can be tracked in real time.

A mobile system makes it possible to synchronize the fleet and the warehouses, providing complete transparency of goods movement across the entire supply chain.

Excel in Customer Service

Don’t just meet customers’ expectations, exceed them. Use mobile technology as a key differentiator that makes you a winner in customer service.

Workers are no longer tied to a desk but can do all their tasks using a mobile computer. From order processing to invoicing, returns, proof of delivery, and payment, all tasks can be completed on the go.

This significantly improves productivity and reduces the risks for manual mistakes, and because orders and invoices can be processed in the field, the delivery time is shortened and the cash flow improved.