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CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting Replenishment)


With Bluebird technology, can track, manage and forecast product demands to give appropriate supply and maximize your revenue.

CPFR provides a basic structure for the flow of information, goods and services.
Through visibility and replenishment of products throughout the supply chain, CPFR reduces inventory, transportation and logistics costs.
Enhance supply and demand management in sales forecasting, order planning, replenishment, inventory positions and order fulfillment.
Achieve your business goals to uncover trends and develop strategies.


To make the end-to-end supply chain process more efficient and increase availability to the customer, continuous updating of inventory and upcoming requirement is critical. You need to establish the ground rules for collaboration such as business goals, responsibilities and escalation procedures so that you can develop a broad multi-enterprise view.


It is our goal to ensure that you benefit from reduced prices through accurate forecasting. Collaborative relationships can result in better service levels and synchronized operations. Through a supportive system of shared information, suppliers and retailers can plan and satisfy customer demands. Improve efficiency by decreasing expenditures for inventory, transportation and logistics in the process of producing, shipping and delivering products.


· Improve your revenue outcome with Bluebird’s technology

· Higher profits by meeting appropriate stock demands

· Improved customer service through forecasting techniques