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Mobile Payment Terminal


High-speed connectivity and data needs of customers and associates are constantly growing.
Provide fast and reliable shopping experiences using a variety of payment methods and give optimal customer satisfaction.

Quick, secure communications systems and real-time payment are expected by customers at all times.
We have made a bold move in making convenient solutions to give your customers the fast, reliable wireless experience.
Easy and secure connectivity makes complex payment environments better.
Bluebird mobile payment terminal is deliberately designed, using the best high-quality materials for ruggedness it is truly one-of-a-kind.


A quick, easy payment is what every customer and associate looks for. Customers want trouble-free shopping where they can pay for their goods quickly with their credit or debit card. At the same time, associates need constant access to business applications while they are on the move.


Enhance the customer experience through a swift and smooth payment solution. You can ease the load on your associates when you make things run more efficiently and smoothly. Provide access for associates and the wireless connectivity that customers expect. Enable mobile payment, product location and price checking through integrated applications.


· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality

· Increase portability with long battery hours

· EMV, PTS PCI verification with Stone Wall™ security