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Put-away and Replenishment


Help warehouse staff to determine the fastest storage route and replenish to multiple locations from the pallet in the picking area.

By using Bluebird’s put-away and replenishment solution, warehouse staff can select a multi-item or complete pallet from the reserve area,
then replenish in the home location or picking area.
Stock is replenished and orders are filled immediately, allowing warehouse staff to verify product location.
Streamline your operations with industrial mobile and vehicle-mounted computers that give access to real-time information and barcode scanning capability.


Accurate transaction can only be confirmed by scanning barcodes. Location accuracy drops when the operator does not have the tools to ensure it. A warehouse pallet’s initial location influences all the processes that follow. Warehouse staff must streamline the movement of goods from receiving to inventory to storage with coordinated put-away processes.


Bluebird technology is designed to drive speed and accuracy in put-away and replenishment process with helpful features such as barcode scanning to assess deficient inventory and remove products that are no longer valid for sale. When the mobile computers are running low on battery, they can be hot-swapped so your workers don’t lose any production time.


· Ensure location accuracy

· Accurately confirm transaction by scanning barcodes

· Accurate replenishment of goods into the appropriate slot

· Prevent unnecessary loss in resources