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RFID Transportation Solutions


Improve efficiencies for loading, tracking and delivery of cargo by handling goods with RFID scanning.

By using Bluebird’s RFID solution, you can reduce time spent on collecting data, and increase management efficiency
for large quantity items. With an RFID scanner, you can increase the quality, speed, and accuracy of information that accompanies every product.
Enhance the visibility of goods in motion and transport mass order more efficiently.


Companies need effective scanning solutions so they can give more accurate and timely data in managing their assets. All goods must be tracked and transported safely, and quickly to reduce cost. Cargo loss from expiration or theft could be detrimental to your business, so it is important to uphold accurate and secure data collection.


There can be mishandled assets when your workers are limited with barcode-based systems to handle cargo. With implementation of Bluebird RFID solutions, you can avoid this issues. RFID scanner enables much more comprehensive tracking and can read tags hidden by other goods. Improve loading, tracking and delivery efficiency of cargo with RFID solution.


· Fewer resource loss due to untracked items

· Faster resolution with real-time update to status

· High-level monitoring and improved security

· Enhanced safety and quality control