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Real-Time Data and Collaboration

Mobile technology from Bluebird can play a significant role in securely connecting the financial market’s workforce
to the financial systems and news flows while on the move. Banks, wealth management firms, insurance agencies,
and acquirers are some entities that benefit from Bluebird’s tablets, handhelds, and mobile payment terminals.

Secure Mobile Access

For players in financial services, speed is everything, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve access to information.

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions are on the front line, protecting themselves and their customers against data breaches and fraud. They are also seeking new ways to increase productivity, reduce cost, and improve the customer experience. Bluebird’s mobility solutions present enormous opportunities to increase productivity and customer engagement without sacrificing the security of the financial systems.

Always Connected

Employees need secure, reliable, and anywhere access to keep up with market news and stay engaged with customers.

Bluebird’s enterprise-grade mobile computers and tablets, combined with top-notch StoneWall™ security, provide reliable, secure real-time access to financial data, and are ideal for use on Wall Street and beyond. From insurance appraisers in the field to traders on the floor of the world’s largest stock markets — Bluebird delivers solutions that achieve higher productivity while keeping customers engaged and data safe.

From Payments to Mobile Access

From payment processing to mobile access to information — the financial sector looks for secure, enterprise-grade solutions that can streamline processes and increase revenue.

Bluebird offers comprehensive solutions for the financial sector, including wireless and countertop payment terminals, and enterprise-grade tablets and handheld devices that enable real-time collaboration, reporting, and monitoring while securely connecting both customers and employees to systems and information.