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Parking Enforcement


Offer officers with the latest Bluebird devices.
They will make a commitment to keep your cities in order with instant ticketing solutions and evidence recording applications.

Bluebird has developed brand new systems in dealing with parking enforcement
: parking management, controlling illegal parking, and issuing fines. So give your officials competent technology to keep your cities organized.
Bluebird gives you total operation control as it covers all areas of engagement from beginning with accessing the database,
to issuing the ticket, to instantly filing reports.
Bluebird is equipped with the most advanced technology and is worthy of being your partner.


With ever increasing vehicles in cities, officers have growing demand for enforcement. As more violations arise so does each official’s job in making sure that their city is organized. The more they deal with violating vehicles, the more they make room for legitimate ones to participate in their city’s economy.


Bluebird’s devices offer effective ticketing applications for on-site citations. They can make use of the high quality cameras to take evidence and send the report straight to the department network, eliminating the need to for further procedures. All devices are designed to unify essential functions where normally one would need multiple tools for each stage of engagement.


· Enforce swift law and action to make your cities organized

· Variety of easy e-ticketing solutions

· Persistent connection to the department network

· Various data collection for managing evidence

· Fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality