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Traffic Law Enforcement


Equip your officers with the latest Bluebird technology.
They will make a commitment to keep your roads safe with instant ticketing hardware solution,
persistent database access and evidence collecting applications.

Bluebird has developed comprehensive solution in dealing with work related to traffic enforcement.
They include: issuing tickets, accessing driver’s record, and collecting evidence.
Officers are constantly connected to the department database through our extended networking capabilities.
Which in return lets them view driver history real time, and they can send official report straight away without needing to do double work.
Bluebird also provides the most advanced hardware solutions when issuing tickets and they can collect fines on the spot with our many payment options.
Give your officers these integral tools in keeping order in our modern day traffic world.


Accidents don’t wait around for you to be ready. They happen fast and you are the last and the only line of prevention. There’s no time to fumble with multiple gadgets and spending unnecessary time filing reports. Furthermore the extra time spent reporting to your station could mean another fatal accident.


Bluebird gives you tools for fast ticketing, and efficient ways to connect with your database. Eliminate the time spent reporting back to your station by taking advantage of real-time connection to your database. Your work pace will greatly benefit with Bluebird technology as all engagement procedure is combined into one compact device.


· Take control of traffic and make your roads safe

· Variety of easy e-ticketing solutions

· Persistent connection to your department network

· Various data collection for managing evidence

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality