Field Service

Servizi professionali

Lead your field service providers with the latest Bluebird devices
and give them easy access to effective solutions while staying sharp on the road.

Equip your field service providers with Bluebird’s useful tools for streamlining inspection procedures and maintaining equipment effectively for better allocation of time and resources.
Many of our products are designed to be mounted and used on the move. With variety of helpful accessories and specific design arrangements, they are perfectly made for use in vehicles.
Furthermore the various applications through our partnership will help with filing data, managing equipments and guide you on the road with the latest route optimizing navigation.
May it be used for inspections or investigations, just know that Bluebird will use full measure to match your exact need.


There are many things to keep in mind while accomplishing your daily tasks: equipment inspection, repair supply availability, and asset management; all the while following rules of the road. There are limited actions you can take before your next engagement and you need reliable tools that can do it all.


With Bluebird solutions, one can have persistent access to the database so they can keep up to date with current tasks. Add in advanced filing applications that can list and view all ongoing and archived data, you will be a walking reference for all your assignments.

From capturing data to filing and reporting, all of Bluebird’s devices are designed to unify essential functions where normally one would need multiple tools for each stage of engagement.


· specialized solutions for handling each stage of operation

· have all data at ready with our secure access to department networks

· specialized accessories for mounting devices in the vehicle

· route optimizing navigation system

· fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality