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Use Bluebird devices for all your mobile payment solutions. To bring true convenience to all your customers,
our devices are equipped with advanced data capturing modules, comprehensive payment options with great network capabilities

Bluebird devices offer true convenience to customers by supporting each and every one of the payment methods, both old and new: swiping, inserting, tapping payment.
Along with extensive radio communication and Bluetooth options, you will have the same level of network capability in-store or out-of-store.
Our products are also verified with patented PCI PTS and EMV and we provide Stone Wall Security with encryption algorithms for extra security measure.
Take our devices out for all your mobile transactions and guarantee safe sales.


With many customers relying solely on digital transactions, every payment option needs to be available. They also want the ability to pay on the spot without needing to visit the department in return for your service.


Offer true convenience to customers with our advanced data capturing modules and comprehensive payment options.

With great network capabilities you can deliver transactions on the spot at your customer’s leisure. Provide unmatched service by using great business applications to manage individual’s information.


· fast and seamless payment activities

· all-inclusive payment options

· fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· helpful applications to help you manage customer data

· advanced network security with Stone Wall security technology