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Nielsen Collects Data Around the World to Provide
Retail Insights for FMCG Brands

Nielsen transformed its field audit operations to help their clients stay on
top of what’s happening in stores using Bluebird handheld computers.


Nielsen is a global leading research company offering comprehensive and timely information on market shares,

competitive sales volumes and insights into distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotion. By combining

detailed information with the professional consultative services, Nielsen offers actionable insights and expertise

that help FMCG brands and retailers improve their manufacturing, marketing and sales decisions.


With presence in more than 100 countries, Nielsen collects sales information from approximately 900,000 stores within their worldwide retail network. In emerging markets where in-store tracking system is unavailable, Nielsen field auditors visit local stores and manually collect data on product selection, purchasing volumes, promotion activities and more. This data collection process is time and labor consuming, costly and errorprone.


Nielsen has tried various methods of data collection, from handwriting to handheld devices, most recently with the MC65 from Zebra, however, the needs for latest technology, yet cost effective solution remained. Beyond the need for replacing the existing mobile solutions with the latest innovations, Nielsen was looking for a new technology partner that offers universally-deployed hardware with worldwide sales network, and is willing to support the global deployment since Nielsen operates a large number of units in various countries.


After evaluating market, Nielsen decided to go with Bluebird EF500 and BM180, 5-inch Android-based handheld

devices.They needed rugged, WWANcapable device with extended battery life, the ability to scan multiple types

of 1D/2D barcodes, highperformance camera and GPS functionality.


The selected EF500 and BM180 devices were great fit because they met all of Nielsen’s functional needs,

as well as enterprise-level security, ability to customize along with consumer-grade usability.


To date, EF500 and BM180 have been rolled out in 14 countries worldwide for retail audit purpose and Nielsen is

planning to expand its deployment in other countries.


EF500 and BM180 enhanced productivity for field auditors by helping them to complete tasks more quickly. The intuitive interface, combined with Android operating system, allows easy navigation and data entry. The built-in barcode scanner captures 1D/2D barcodes and the outstanding performance of frontand back cameras improved the quality of audit results.


The sleek form factor with durability makes them perfect for field auditors to carry around from one store to another, and the extended battery ensures the entire audit schedule – even when the camera and scanner are intensively used. One of the most compelling aspects of Bluebird’s EF500 and BM180 is its stable connectivity that allows the auditors stay in constant communication with local control tower while in the field. This makes the auditors feel secure throughout

their collection process by having immediate answers to any questions as they arise.


"This real time monitoring allows us to lower management costs as well as increase the quality of the data we collect because corrections can be made in real time if any errors occur," says Dylan Buckley from Strategic Partnerships and Sourcing at Nielsen. "The robust specs of the EF500 and BM180 allow the device to run multiple custom Nielsen apps at the same time, which really facilitates this real time data accuracy monitoring.

"Bluebird's international capabilities continue to support Nielsen's global deployment."

Dylan Buckley, Strategic Partnerships and Sourcing, Nielsen