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Next Level of Customer Service

With tableside ordering and payment, there is less waiting and fewer mistakes.
Instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and dining room, waiters can provide more attentive service
and settle checks faster, with significant impact on customer satisfaction, sales, and table turns.

Excel in Customer Service

Impress your patrons as soon as they walk through the door with cutting-edge technology that enables you to quickly take care of their needs and create a personalized dining experience.

Bluebird’s state-of-the-art tablets and mobile computers empower restaurant staff to freely interact with customers without being tied to a cash register. Mobile check-in, seating assignments, and special requests can be promptly taken care of without leaving the customer’s side. Waiters can see detailed information about the ingredients in every dish and available add-ons and specials.

Less Waiting and Faster Table Turns

Empower your staff to provide timely and high-quality service with tableside ordering and payment.

Bluebird enables tableside ordering and payment, resulting in less wait time, fewer mistakes, and more sales. Instead of handwritten notes, servers can enter orders directly using a tablet or other handheld device, and the orders are wirelessly transmitted to the kitchen without delay. No orders are lost, and the risk for mistakes is significantly reduced. Waiters can provide more attentive service and settle checks faster wherever the diners are seated — at the bar, in the dining room, or on the terrace — with significant impact on customer satisfaction, table turns, and revenue.

Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insight on your business performance, right from a mobile device, with the ability to react proactively.

Track sales and inventory down to ingredient level with Bluebird’s mobile solutions. Identify your best-selling menu items, access past transactions, and track individual performance of your staff. Business analytics allows you to be more proactive in your planning, making sure you are well stocked and can avoid having popular menu items sold out.