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Guest Safety and Security

Restaurants & Hospitality

Protect your guests and property by equipping staff with Bluebird devices.

It is important to keep your property secure so you can provide safety for your guests.
With Bluebird devices providing real-time updates, your staff can quickly respond to security violations
and remove potential threats. Equip your staff with photo ID and secure access cards
so that guests and supervisors can identify employees and permit entry only authorized personnel.


Providing a pleasing guest experience that doesn’t compromise safety is the biggest challenge that hotels face. Management must consistently enforce established security policies, such as allowing only registered guests on hotel property. Staff must control the security of rooms in order to prevent criminals from stealing money and valuables from guests.


Provide your staff with technology that can be accessed right at the moment they need it. Bluebird solutions enable staff to guide guests to safety and provide real-time monitoring. Security can communicate and respond more quickly when emergencies occur or when priorities change. Employees and guests can be distinguished with secure access cards or photo ID to provide access control and help your operation stay safe.


· Quickly respond to security violations or emergencies

· Remove potential threats

· Control access to hotel property

· Real-time monitoring