Inventory Management

Restaurants & Hospitality

Bluebird’s inventory management solution provides organizations with planning and execution strategies,
enabling them to achieve superior service levels and raise profits.

To provide better service to customers and run a profitable business,
organizations need to maintain accurate information on the movement of all items and inventory of products.
Our goal is to help you manage your restaurant and hospitality establishment.
By cutting down on manual data entry costs, you can minimize your inventory overstocks
and increase efficiency in your supply chain with real-time access. Maintain dynamic stock levels
that meet the demands of your consumption, to better serve your guests.


Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a successful supply chain. To maximize performance, organizations need to continually manage a profitable balance among service levels, responsiveness, risk and cost. These factors are driven by how an organization deploys inventory. Without an efficient inventory management system, there will be data entry errors by manual input, increased operational costs and result in less productivity.


With Bluebird’s powerful inventory management solution, you can eliminate manual handling of inventory, inaccurate stock levels, backorders and lost sales. Our comprehensive inventory system will enable your business to track inventory levels and movements in your storage with incorporation of item and serial numbers. Have full visibility on your entire incoming and outbound inventory; know what is in your warehouse and where it’s going.


· Eliminate human error in inventory counting

· Gather accurate stock levels and optimize the supply chain

· Make the adjustments to the inventory on the spot using mobile computers

· Increase productivity with higher accuracy of your inventory monitoring

· Reduce labor hours by using automated data capture