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Loyalty, Membership & Gift Cards

Restaurants & Hospitality

Provide benefits to guests with Bluebird’s membership, loyalty and gift card programs.

With Bluebird’s membership, loyalty and gift card programs, you can offer customers mileage and membership points.
Strengthen loyalty and have secure access to customer information to provide various levels of rewards.
Give your customers motivation to return to your store by giving easy membership cards that pay just like cash.
Enhance guest experiences with customized loyalty programs, membership cards and gift cards.


Your customers will be less likely to come back to your store without personalized on-demand gift card programs. Guests want to utilize their hard earned mileage and membership points going to entertainment venues and events.


You can improve your business with Bluebird’s membership programs solutions. Strengthen guest relationships by rewarding them with mileage and membership points. Make tracking balances and membership activities easy with real-time access to customer data.


· Track balances and membership activities

· Reward customers with mileage and membership points

· Keep information organized and secured

· Access to entertainment venues, events and membership areas