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Merchandising & Inventory Management


With Bluebird’s devices, your store can have real-time inventory monitoring to oversee the availability
of a product and keep your store ready to provide an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

As a retailer, it is very important to keep your items stocked so your customers can have the best possible shopping experience.
By using Bluebird’s devices, you can have access to the database and track, manage, and forecast product demands to give appropriate supply and maximize your revenue.
Furthermore, Bluebird’s mobile computers have printing capabilities, so your associates can replace broken labels and renew old ones with the latest prices.


Without real-time access to reliable data, you cannot track or forecast product demands. Keeping optimal stock level is essential in running your business as you could risk overstocking or understocking items.

This can either cost your company unnecessary funds or make products unavailable, which can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction.


Bluebird’s devices can give your company access to real-time data which can be used to monitor, track, and manage your inventory, which will result in well-stocked shelves and customer satisfaction.


· Optimize inventory accuracy and replenishment, and reduce out-of-stock situations.

· Order electronically for a trackable transaction history.

· Help associates monitor store performance and meet planned revenue.

· Use integrated printers for retagging and renewing old labels.

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