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Mobile Point-of-Sale


Disperse your crowded front desk by providing a checkout service right where you engage with the customer.
Bluebird’s mobile payment devices offer all-inclusive payment options and are filled
with applications that provide real-time information to help with customer inquiries.

Bluebird’s devices are well suited for all your store’s payment needs. They support the swiping, inserting, and tapping of cards to make payments
and so they offer all of the available payment options while letting your workers remain mobile inside the store. When not checking items for
payment, your workers can use the handy devices for inventory management and engage customers with daily deals and promotions.
Bluebird devices are fully loaded with features, including all payment methods (MSR, ICC, and contactless), an open platform, Linux with QT,
and a comprehensive SDK (software developer kit) for business applications. To ensure safe transactions, these features are all wrapped in
a single device, which also features an industrial-grade ruggedness for fighting off the wear and tear of harsh environments. Designed with
portability in mind, Bluebird’s devices are comparatively lighter than other brands. They feature an ergonomic design for comfort and the
wide range of accessory options are guaranteed to cover the unique operational needs of your store.


Living in an age where instant access to information and services is the norm, people don’t have much patience for waiting. Especially at the front desk, which can easily become crowded, long lines can turn off potential customers from even entering your store.

In addition, some customers are not even there for a checkout service but have particular inquiries or questions. Therefore, to make your establishment more approachable, the store needs to spread out its customer service locations to cater to a wider range of customer needs.


Enhance the shopping experience for your customers by arming your staff members with mobile payment devices. Along with all-inclusive payment options, your staff will have the ability to give real-time information on products, perform price checks, and manage inventories. Designed for portability, Bluebird’s devices are comparatively lighter than other brands.

They feature ergonomic design for comfort and a wide range of accessory options that are guaranteed to cover the unique operational needs of your store.


· Powerful semi-mobility indoors and complete, full mobility outdoors

· EMV and PCI PTS verification with StoneWall™ security

· All-inclusive payment options, including magnetic stripe readers, smart card readers (EMV chip and PIN), and contactless payments (MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, Calypso, and NFC)

· A developer-friendly environment, SDK, and Linux with QT

· Longer operating hours with extended battery options

· An ergonomic design for easy grip and portability

· Industrial ruggedness