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In-Flight Sales


With Bluebird’s devices, your flight crew can offer their customers convenient ways
to handle transactions and various management tools to track resources for better planning and resolution.

You can offer your passengers world class service by providing all-inclusive payment options and comprehensive applications to manage your resources.
Choose Bluebird’s solution. With the right strategy to make the most of the revenue-enhancing potential of sales,
our devices will meet your passengers’ various demands and your airline’s unique operational needs.


In a high paced airline environment, your flight crews are often facing high stress levels; being occupied with many high responsibility tasks.

Jobs like serving drinks, meals, selling products and giving customer service can be difficult by itself, but operating inside of flying plane makes it a whole different story.


Plan, design and manage your on board sales. From food and beverages to small items like napkins and non-food products, inventory availability and information can be accessed real-time.

Bluebird’s goal is to provide an exceptional in-flight retail experience, showcasing products and promotions that appeal to your customers.

Get the maximum benefit from sales in terms of revenue and passenger satisfaction with quick and secured payment system with the Bluebird’s Stone Wall security program.


· Maximize sales by preserving the quality of merchandise

· All-inclusive payment options including: Magnetic stripe readers, Smart Card readers (ICC, EMV level 1&2) and contactless payments. (MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave, NFC, etc.)

· Receiving and sorting applications included