Rugged Tablet


가볍고 휴대성이 용이한 디자인으로 다양한 비즈니스에 최적화된 8인치 러기드 태블릿

RT080은 가볍고 휴대성이 용이한 디자인과 강한 내구성을 보유하였으며,
8인치 디스플레이 및 전후방 카메라, 다양한 악세서리 지원이 가능한 러기드 태블릿

Versatile, yet compact.

ㆍErgonomic size to hold in one hand for long periods of time
ㆍOptimal size to carry on-the-go
ㆍEnterprise-class tablets with sleek design and ruggedness

Ultimate multitasker

Latest Android OS, High-end memory mount;
Enabling Android 7.x makes it easy to move apps around. Superior memory management capability makes it outstanding in multitasking environments. App data can be stored in 2GB RAM memory to sustain operations such as uploading where communication is possible.

Robust Connectivity

Its exceptional network connectivity with support for Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth allows workers to access information wherever they go, whenever they need.

Enterprise-Class Durability

Combined with the enterprise class add-ons via Smart Plug™, RT080 provides advanced functionality including barcode scan,
biometric identification, and payment.

Field-optimized Display

Eyelluminate™ Display
ㆍBright displays that allow you to work outdoors
ㆍApply Crystal Clear View technology

Capacitive Multi touch support
ㆍPerform tasks with work gloves on
ㆍUse on rainy sites
ㆍUse stylus

Allows continuous work throughout the day.

Minimizes battery replacement time in the off-site and reduces costs by replacing only the battery at the end of its life.

ㆍUser-Replaceable, 3.8V, 6000 mAh High-Capacity Battery
ㆍHigh-Efficiency Power Technology : Capability of multi-tasking with minimal power consumption ensures best-in-class battery time



Dimensions 215.8 x 128.8 x 12.95 mm
Weight 512g
Display 8.0 inch. FHD (1920 X 1200)
EyeIlluminate™ Display
OS Android 7 up to Android 11
CPU Android: 2.0 Octa Core Processor
Memory 2GB RAM / 32GB Flash
4GB RAM / 64GB Flash (Optional)
Communication WPAN: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, Class 1
WLAN: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Satellite(for WWAN only):
A-GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, Galileo (for WWAN only)
Data Capture Scanning: 1D&2D imager (smart plug)
NFC: (Optional) ISO 14443 Type A & B
ISO 15693, MiFare, FeliCa
Biometrics: Available w/ smart plug
Battery User Replaceable Battery
3.8V, 6000mAh
Drop Spec 1.0m / 3.2 ft. to drop per MIL STD 810G
1.8m / 6 ft. to drop per MIL STD 810G (w/ the Rugged Case)
Tumble Spec 500 1.6 ft. / 0.5 m tumbles;
meets and exceeds IEC tumble specification
* The above specification does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law. The product specifications may vary depending on the version (sub-model) and configuration of the product.


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